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Five star for coach Alva!! She is a great instructor. She's also so nice, she is patient and very professional at teaching swimming. My 8-year-old is making great progress under her instruction. I saw my son can swim without any help after the second class, which I was never expected. 

If you try to find an excellent swimming teacher for your kids, definitely should go with coach Alva's class. You never get disappointed. 


Ting Z, Arcadia  



Coach Alva is so professional, friendly, patient, and approachable! I hadn't jumped into a swimming pool for many many years, but Alva made me feel comfortable to instantly overcome my fear for water. I only had 3 lessons with Alva and I felt comfortable being in water. Alva also challenged me to better and to exceed my limits. Strongly recommended!


-Jaymee W, Rosemead 

From my own experience, swimming is an essential survival skill.  At life's odd moments, you will be surprised that you suddenly have to swim.  So we were always planning to teach our kids how to swim, and we decided that this summer is the time.  We gave our kids 30 swim lessons with Coach Alva.


Good teachers always make a difference.  Coach Alva is ATTENTIVE.  I have met some teachers and coaches who really have attention issues themselves - bored easily and chatting with other instructors.  The coach is constantly assessing the kid's performance.  She is extremely analytical and very patient.  She stretches them just the right amount each time.  Our kids had some good weeks and some bad weeks, but overall, they made amazing progress over this summer.  


Our kids' benefits extended beyond just swimming skills. A fair amount of research points out that swimming is an intense sensory stimulus for the neurological system.  Our kids got stronger not only physically, but also mentally.  Especially with such an attentive coach, our kids had to respond in all sorts of ways to the coach's constant demand, and in result, I think they acquired higher mental coordination.  


We thank Coach Alva tremendously for her dedication.  We feel very fortunate to have come upon with such a good coach.

-Rachel L, Pasadena 

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