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Knowing how to swim is a must-have life saving skill for everyone, especially for your children, which we will teach starting with water safety skills. We provide Private lessons, Adult group lessons, and Advanced swimmer lessons. Private lessons allow the instructors to give their student all of their attention and ensure individual student needs are met at his/her own pace. Adult group lessons will build up confidence in water, and swimming independently. Our swim stroke clinic works with advance swimmers to improve proper stroke technique and apply to competitive swimming. Waterpolo will provide basic skills like; treading water, head up swimming, swimming with the ball, and passing with the ball.

During all our lessons, we will be teaching water safety skills such as; floating, treading, and being comfortable under water. As you progress we will then start teaching kicks, then arm circles, and putting them together. After that we will start teaching other swim strokes like backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Classes are scheduled by availability. You can schedule your lesson through email, phone, or text. There are 30 minutes and 60 minutes classes offered. 

The prices are listed below.



Recommended 2-3 lessons  a week for the best result

Private lesson  1-on-1

Single Lessons: $40/30min & $75/60min*

*save $5 when booking a 60min lesson

Package-Based Lessons:

$385 for 10x 30min lessons

$750 for 20x 30min lessons*

*save $20 when booking a 20x 30min lesson 

$720 for 10x 60min lessons

*1 hr packages cannot be spilt between 2 students

Adult Group Lesson 1-on-4

(Sunday Pasadena location only) 

$35/60 min per student

$340 for 10, 60 min lessons

Swim Stroke Clinic

(Sunday Pasadena location only)

$40/60 min per student, up to 4 student per lesson

$385/ for 10, 60 min per student 

Semi Private 1-on-2 *4&under/ Same swim level *

*Contact school to book

$30/30 min, per student 

*no package for 30 mins

$50/60 min, per student

$950 for 10, 60 mins


We accept Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle. Pay before the 1st lesson. Put the full name used to resgister.  


Mon-Sun: Arcadia 10AM-8PM (availability based on coach)

Contact Us: 626-538-7966  国语热线: 626-800-9504       E-mail: alvaswimschool@gmail.com

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