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Knowing how to swim is a must-have life saving skill for everyone, especially for your children. We will teach you or your children water safety skills first such as: floating, rollovers/turnovers, kicking and treading before learning all four swimming strokes.  As you or your child progresses through the lessons, we begin to teach them freestyle which are arm circles, side breathing, and kicking. After that we will start teaching other swim strokes like backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.


We provide private and semi-private lessons for children and adults and lessons for advanced swimmers to work on the swimmer's technique. 


Private lessons allow the instructors to give their student all of their attention and ensure individual student needs are met at his/her own pace. Semi-private lessons is when one coach is teaching two students at the same time. We would recommend semi-private lessons if both students are at the same swimming level. 

Classes are scheduled by availability. You can schedule your lesson through email, phone, or text.  We offer 30 and 60 minutes classes. 

 Prices are listed below.



Recommended 2-3 lessons  a week for the best result

Private lesson  1-on-1

Single Lessons: $41 for 30min & $78 for 60min*

*save $4 when booking a 60min lesson

Package-Based Lessons:

$390 for 10x 30min lessons

$760 for 20x 30min lessons*

*save $20 when booking a 20x 30min lesson 

$740 for 10x 60min lessons

*1 hr packages cannot be spilt between 2 students

Adult Group Lesson 1-on-4

*We are not offering this class at the moment. 

Swim Stroke Clinic

*We are not offering this class at the moment. 

Semi Private 1-on-2 *Same swim level *

*Contact school to book

  • $31/30 min, per student 

  • $590 for 10-30 mins

  • $50/60 min, per student

  • $970 for 10-60 mins


We accept Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle, Cash, or Check.  Please pay before the 1st lesson. Put your name or your child's name when purchasing any of the lessons. 


Mon-Sun: Arcadia 10AM-6:30PM (availability based on coach)

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